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CSEET Mock Test Online Free – Legal Aptitude – Contract Act

Welcome to your CSEET Legal Aptitude MCQ – Contract Act

CSEET Legal Aptitude MCQ – Contract Act

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Competency to Contract means-
Which of the following is not Competent to Contract ?
A minor’s agreement is void. This was held in the case of
The age of majority for the purpose of the Indian Contract Act is-
A minor’s agreement can be ratified on attaining majority
__________ are goods suitable to the condition in the life of the minor and to his actual requirements at the time of sale and delivery.
“Consensus –ad –idem” means
A Contract which is formed without the free consent of parties, is
Contracts under unilateral mistake are __________ if such mistake is caused by the fraud of misrepresentation of the other party
Mistake as to foreign law is treated in the same manner as –
If an agreement suffers from any uncertainty. It is –
All illegal agreements are
A promise to give money or money’s worth upon the determination or ascertainment of an uncertain event is called –
In the States of Gujarat and Maharashtra, collateral transactions to a wagering agreement are-
A Contingent Contract is a contract to do, or not to do something if some event, collateral to such contract –
Which of these parties cannot demand performance of promise?
If a new contract is substituted in place of an existing contract it is called –
The phrase “Quantum Meruit” latterly means –
Damages awarded to compensate the injured party for the actual amount of loss suffered by him for breach of contract are called –
A finder of lost goods is a –

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