CSEET Business Communication MCQs

CSEET Business Communication Previous Papers Questions Answers

Business Communication Question Answers asked by ICSI in the previous attempt papers

These Questions were asked by ICSI in Previous Attempts. These questions will give you very close hint of what ICSI may ask you in CSEET Business Communication Exams. These questions are related to Chapter 1 and 2 of CSEET Business Communication. 

CSEET Business Communication Question Answers - Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

ICSI Previous Years Questions of Business Communication – Part 2

CSEET Business Communication MCQs
CSEET Previous Year Questions of Business Communication 

These CSEET Previous year Questions of Business Communication pdf are based on reference material of Business Communication issued by ICSI. To practice more CSEET questions with answers, visit here https://deepgyan.com/cseet-mock-test-cseet-mcq-pdf-multiple-choice-questions/.

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Identify the correctly spelt word:-

The abbreviation ‘E&OE’ stands for:-

The proverb “apparel often proclaims the man” means –

FAX is the abbreviation of:-

What does the idiom ‘to split hairs’ mean?

________ Taj Mahal is situated in Agra. Fill in the blank using correct article.

‘Expired’ is a synonym of –

Who is called a ‘connoisseur’?

A word opposite to another word

__________err is human, _________ forgive is divine

The passive voice of the sentence ‘I killed a snake’ is –

Who is a philanthropist?

Which one of the following is a definite article and is always specific?

Which one of the following is used to enclose certain contents which the writer sets out apart so that the flow of the sentence is not interrupted?

Which of the following is an example of present indefinite tense?

Which one of the following is the antonym of the word ‘bankrupt’?

What is meant by ‘ab initio’?

The expression ‘to formally put an end to’ means –

The latin word ‘bone fide’ means –

A person chosen by disputing parties to settle their differences is called –

The apostrophe (‘) is used to –

The object in the sentence ‘Ram opened the door’ is –

The process by which green plants prepare their own food is known as

One who calculates insurance and annuity premium is known as –

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