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CSEET Mock Test – Legal Aptitude – Contract Act Mcqs 2 (20 Questions with Answers)

CSEET Mock Test
CSEET Mock Test

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Goods displayed in a Shop window with a price label will amount to:

What can a catalogue of books, listing price of each book and specifying the place where the listed books are available be termed as?

A Counter offer is

X Offers by a Letter to sell his car to Y for Rs. 95,000. Y at the sometime, offers by a letter to buy X’s car for Rs. 95,000. The two letters cross each other in the post. Is there a concluded contract between X and Y.

S offers to sell B his car for Rs. 50,000. T standing nearby, says, “I will take it if B does not take it. B is not interested in the car. What will be the position if T says to S “Here is the money, I take the car.”

Which one of the following statement is true?

A advertise in a daily newspaper that he will give a prize of Rs. 1,000 to the first person to swim the English channel and back during the month of August. F, who has read the advertisement, sets off from Dower on 1st August and reaches the coast of France on 2nd August. On that day, a further advertisement appears in the same newspaper stating that the offer of the prize has been withdrawn. On 3rd August F completes the return swim to England. Can F recover the prize?

The Communication of acceptance through telephone is regarded as complete when

An auctioneer advertised in a newspaper that a sale of office furniture would be held at Delhi. A broker of Bombay reached Delhi on the appointed date and time. But the auctioneer withdrew all the furniture from the auction sale. The broker sues him for his loss of time and expenses. Will he succeed?

A sees an article marked “Price Rupees Twenty” in B’s shop. He offers. B Rs. 20 for the article, B. refuses to sell saying the article is not for sale. Advice A.

‘A’ Offered a reward of Rs. 1,000 for recovery of some valuable missing article. ‘B’ who did not know of this offer, found the articles and gave the same to ‘A’.

In commercial and business agreements the intention of the parties to create legal relationship is

An agreement is a Voidable Contract when it is

A Contract creates

An agreement not enforceable by Law is said to be void under section ___________ of the Indian Contract Act

When the contract is perfectly valid in its substance but cannot be enforced because of certain technical defects. This is called a/an-

The term “Proposal or offer” has been defined in-of the Indian contract Act

The term “Promise” has been defined in – of the Indian Contract Act

Offer implied from conduct of parties or from circumstances of the case is called

Offer should not contain a term, the non-Compliance of which would amount to acceptance