Company Law CS Executive Pre Exam Test Questions and Answers PDF Part-1

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A company has failed to inform the registrar about its failure to redeem debentures for a period more than one year. Which of the following contention is correct in this context?

Which of the following is not a feature of a Company under Companies Act, 2013?

What is a company’s‘ issued share capital'?

Buy- back should be completed

Virtual Meetings are conducted

Quorum for the meeting in case of a public Company, where the members are not more than 1000;

Risk faced by mega firms can be;

Section 186 of the Act is not applicable on:

The exposure draft of proposed Secretarial standard will not be circulated to:

In case of resolution by circulation manner of approval will be____________

Minimum days for one of the partners of the firm to attend the branch office:

Mr. A is director in 3 companies, Independent director in 10 companies, hold 3 alternate directorships, directorship in 5 section 8 company. He is offered to be an Independent Director in one more unlisted company. Which of the contention in this regard is correct:

In a General Meeting of a company, agenda of creation of reserve capital was raised for which the members present 50, voted in favour 25, against 9, abstained from voting 16. Out of the 25 in favour 4 were invalid, what will be the consequence of the same;

As per Section 136 of the Act, a copy of the financial statements etc. shall be sent to:

Directors shall be given ____________ to respond on resolution to be passed by circulation from date of its circulation

In a company if the vacancy of the retiring director is not filled-up in general meeting and the meeting has not expressly resolved not to fill the vacancy, what are the consequence?

ABC Ltd. being a listed company has to get its Compliance Certificate regarding compliance of conditions of corporate governance is to be annexed with Directors’ Report. Which of the contention is correct in this context:

For E-form RUN, in case of an existing company, the approved name is valid for a period of

Section 333 pertains to:

Mr. A has been sentenced with a fine of Rs. 1500 under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (42 of 1999). Which of the contention is correct

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