Company Law Pre Exam Question Answers of CS Executive ICSI – Part 12

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In case of Compensation for loss of office,managing or whole-time director or manager shall not exceed:

Approval of the members under Section 188 of the Act shall be obtained by way of:

Mr. M is a billionaire, he opened four companies in which he invested his funds, and agreed with each to hold a block of investment as an agent for it. Income received was credited in the accounts of the company but the company handed back the amount to him as ane when required. Which of the contention is inappropriate in this context

The Annual Report on CSR is to be signed by ___________ in the CSR Committee

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The SSB comprises of representatives from major industry associates namely:

Which of the contention is correct

The register of charges shall be preserved permanently for a period of

Mr. Amar a fresh Company secretary in practice has sent his profile to all the members through bulk mail. Which of the contention in this a regard is correct.

For the board of directors to change the no. of directors, under Association Model Business Corporations Act(MBCA) of US, a prior approval from shareholders is required if;

Section 139(2) of the Act shall not be applicable on:

A Managing Director under Companies Act, 2013 ¡s a

A Company may, by ________ remove a director before the expiry of the period of his office.

Which of the following is incorrect statement

VoIP stands for

From the following pie-requisites of a MDF, identify the false statement

Benefits of Multi- Disciplinary Firm are

Particulars of every share certificate issued shall be recorded in a Register of Renewed and Duplicate Share Certificates. For any share certificate in lieu of which a new certificate is issued, the necessary changes indicated in the Register of Members by suitable cross reference in the

The CSR expenditure in pursuance to the CSR Policy for every year is;

One person company shall hold its AGM

Mr. A has loo shares in ABC ltd. the face value of the shares is Rs. 10/ share. The amount called and paid up by Mr. A on the shares is Rs. 7. The share Certificate shall carry what amount?

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