Pre Exams Question Answers of CS Executive Tax Laws – Part 7

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In which of the following cases. income of previous year is assessable in the previous year itself: (i) Assessment of persons leaving India (ii) A person who is into illegal business (iii) A person who is running a charitable institution.

The headquarters of the GST Council is in-

This records the summary of all payments by a tax payer?

______of the Constitution of India prohibits arbitrary collection of tax. It states that no tax shall be levied or collected except by authority of law

Section 1I5JB deals with?

The rates of Customs Duty for imports. alongside the classification are laid down in the schedule.

Which section of CGST Act 2017 deals with determination of value of taxable supply?

The Value of Supply under GST shall include:

In case of taxable supply of services by a bank, invoice must be issued within days of provision of service

Where any refund arises due to an order of appeal, rectification of mistakes, revision/appeal to High Court, the assessee in this case is:

____________is a declaration form that is used to claim the ITC.

Which section of lGST Act 2017 deals with place of Supply of goods other than supply of goods imported into, or exported from India?

Post GST, the following duties have been subsumed-

When did the GST council approve the GST (Compensation to states) Bill?

When goods are supplied after the change in rate of tax and invoice for the same has been issued after the change in rate of tax but the payment is received before the change ¡n rate of tax. what will be the time of supply in this situation?

The Government may require the person in charge of a conveyance carrying any consignment of goods of value exceeding the prescribed amounts, to carry with himself such documents and devices as may be prescribed, one of which is?

Mr X, a registered person in Delhi supplies 10.000 tables at the rate of Rs 500 each to Mr. Y who is also registered in Delhi. In this transaction: which of the following tax will be charged by Mr A?

Indian GST has a ____tier rate structure.

The maximum deduction available u/s 8OCCC is:

As per Customs Act 1962, Territorial water of India extend to______ nuatical miles into sea from appropriate base line.

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