CS Executive Pre Exam Multiple Choice Questions of Company Law – Part 8

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The company may abide by schedule V to the extent possible thereafter may take Roc approval.

Every Company is required to keep one or more registers in Form MBP 4 for

The Audit Committee shall, after obtaining approval of specify the criteria for making the omnibus approval.

Section 128 of the Act is not applicable on:

Full form of FCRN;

ABC Ltd. has accepted deposits from public W.r.t. Vigil mechanism which of the given below Contention is correct

The Board’s report shall include a statement showing the names of the top ten employees in terms of the remuneration drawn if;

In XYZ Ltd. Mr. ‘A’ is Managing Director & CEO and also working in the capacity of Chief technician at a salary. Mr. ‘A’ died while at work. Legal heirs of Mr. ‘A’ claimed compensation from company. In this context which of the following statement is correct:

Which of the following is incorrect statement

As per Secretarial Standard I, illustrative list of items for first Board meeting does not include:

Which of the contention is correct in the context of floating charge:

In case of compensation for loss of office, managing or whole-time director or manager shall not exceed

Particulars of every share certificate issued shall be recorded in a Register of Renewed and Duplicate Share Certificates. For any share certificate in lieu of which a new certificate is issued, the necessary changes indicated in the Register of Members by suitable cross-reference in the

Which of the combinations are correct with respect to code of conduct of ICSI members

All books and documents relating to the issue of share certificates shall be preserved in good condition by the company

A company holding AGM- all required documents as prescribed must be sent to every member of the company not less than _________ before the date of general meeting;

Which of the following is correct statement w.r.t board meeting through Video Conferencing

Rule of supremacy of the majority is subject to exception, and minority shareholders are protected by;

Abc Ltd. received Rs. 5 Cr. By the way of Commercial Paper, which of the contention is correct

A notice for a meeting is prohibited to be sent via;

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