CS Executive Pre Exam Sample Paper of Company Law – Part 6

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Mr. ‘A’ died in an accident. He held 100 shares in XYZ Ltd. the shares were to be transmitted to his legal heir. The company shall deliver the share certificates within

Section 259(9) is exempted for;

A company may use postal ballot for transacting any item of business, other than;

Where under a scheme of arrangement, a company has been merged or amalgamated with another company, minutes of all meeting of the transferor company shall be preserved by the transferee company;

Every ________is required to constitute an Audit Committee:

The entries in the foreign register shall be authenticated by

Where the AGM of a company for any year has not been held, financial statements _______________Registrar of Companies

Every Company is required to keep one or more registers in Form MBP4 for

ABC Ltd. calls for tenders on the professional services required for secretarial audit of the company. Which of the contentions in this regard is valid

Which of the statement w.r.t. Hindu Undivided Family is incorrect:

A director intending to participate through video conferencing mode or audio visual means shall communicate his intention to:

All shares in respect of which dividend has not been paid or claimed for seven consecutive years or more shall be transferred by the company a in the name of IEPF. Which of the contention is correct:

Role of Company Secretary: “

Board Meeting Minutes are finalised and entered in the Minutes Book within the specified time limit of

Voluntary revision of Financial Statements or Board’s Report cannot be done

Identified persons for the purpose of Private placement shall not include

ABC Ltd. has inadequate profit for the year, the company is unable to abide by schedule V Advice Company on managerial remuneration

The CSR Committee of the company may decide to undertake its CSR activities through.

Every company other than a banking company which accepts any deposits shall maintain data of each depositor

Identify true statement with regards to multidisciplinary firm

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