CS Executive Pre Exam Test MCQs of Company Law – Part 4

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Abc Ltd. has a charge on its building, which of the contention in this regard is incorrect
Mr. A has 10 shares in ABC pvt. ltd., an OPC, the share certificate shall carry signature of: : “
The cut off date is a date not earlier than _______ before the general meeting for determining the eligibility to vote by _________ means;
As per Section 2(64) of the Act, paid up capital means such aggregate amount of money credited as paid-up as is equivalent to the amount received and includes any amount credited as paid-up in respect of:
In which of the following case, dividend will be declared;
XXX ltd. hires the services of Mr. A as a legal professional for last 10 years paying him approx. 10 lacs annually. The company wishes to appoint Mr. S, a well-known businessman in the city as independent director, wholso9iappened to be nephew of Mr. A. Guide the company whether he can be so appointed.
The special resolution was placed before shareholder to appoint Mr. A age 76 years for managing director, the resolution was not passed, but the votes ¡n favour were less than votes in against. Which of the contention is correct
Notice of Board meeting shall not mandatorily specify the following
Company shall file Form DIR-i 2 along with particulars of appointment of directors and KMP within _____ days of the appointment of a director
For the board of directors to change the no. of directors, under Association Model Business Corporations Act (MBCA) of us, a prior approval from shareholders is required if;
Mr. A is a shareholder of a tea company, the tea company is entitled to be exempted from Income-tax up to 60% being partly agricultural income. When the dividend is received by Mr. A, which of the contention w.r.t. tax liability of Mr. A is correct
Section 134 of the Act shall not apply on:
Which of the following do not constitute as apart of the indicia of a contract of service;
In case of Small Company or Dormant Company it shall be sufficient compliance of Companies Act 2013 if they hold
The rights attached to the shares of any class can be varied with the consent in writing of the holders:
In case of listed companies, takeover offer shall be as per regulation framed by;
Mr. A director of a listed company is arrested by the police on the charges of murder. Which of the contention w.r.t. his disqualification is a
Benefits of Multi-Disciplinary Firm are
Scrutinizer for the purpose of E- Voting is appointed by the
ABC Ltd. Has inadequate profit for the year, the company is unable to abide by schedule V advise company on managerial remuneration:

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