CS Executive Pre Exam Test MCQs of JIGL -Part-2

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Admissibility of electronic record has been prescribed under a

In a cognizable offence a police officer

The internal aid in the construction of statute is derived from which of the following thing?

National Company Law Tribunal does not have the power to:

The doctrine of judicial review developed in: a. United States of America b. England c. Ireland d. India

Which of the following is incorrect?

X, the owner of a car, asked his friend Y to drive the car to his office. As the car was near his (X’s) office, it hit a pedestrian P on account of Y’s negligent driving and injured him seriously. P sued X for damages. Which one of the following is correct regarding the above?

True or False: I. Libel is a representation made in some permanent form, e.g. written words, pictures, caricatures, cinema films, effigy, statue and recorded words. II. Slander is the publication of a defamatory statement in a transient form; statement of temporary nature such as spoken words, or gestures. III. Generally, the punishment for libel is more severe than for slander.

True or False: I. The National Company Law Tribunal may allow a company to recast its financial statements. II. With the approval of National Company Law Appellate Tribunal, company may prepare revised financial statement for only last three preceding financial years.

Who prepared the draft of Indian Penal Code:

Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) shall be appointed for a term of ____years from date on which he enters his office or till he attains the age of ____ years, whichever is earlier

Object of investigation is:

If the money suit filed within three years from the date on which cause of action arises then the suit

The Constitution of India is: .

“The maximum time within which an Assistant Public Information Officer is required to forward an RTI application/appeal to the Public Information Officer/First Appellate Authority” is

“Active concealment of fact” is associated with which one of the following?

In order that a local custom may be valid and operative as a source of law, which of the following requirements besides antiquity are to be satisfied? 1. Reasonableness 2. Conformity with statute 3. Observance as a matter of moral right Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

True or False: I. Every instrument written upon paper stamped with an impressed stamp shall be written in such manner that the stamp may “b’ appear on the face of the instrument and cannot be used for or applied to any other instrument. II. No second instrument chargeable with duty shall be written upon piece of stamp paper upon which an instrument chargeable with duty has already been written. Chose the correct option:

After the arbitral award is made, each party shall be delivered

Fundamental Rights under Article 19 of the Constitution:

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