CS Executive Pre Exam Test MCQs with Answer of Company Law – Part 5

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Mr. A is a retired whole time director of XZ ltd. a subsidiary of TEE Ltd, since 5 years. Mr. A is now being offered to be an independent director in TEE Ltd. Guide the Board on his appointed
______________________ files a copy of approved scheme of compromise or arrangement with Central Government and Registrar;
Office copies of Notices, Agenda, Notes on Agenda and other related papers shall be preserved in good order in physical or in electronic form for as long as they remain current or for _________ financial years, whichever is later.
No listed entity shall appoint a person or continue the directorship of any person as a non-executive director who has _______________________, unless with special resolution.
If the company fails to transfer the total amount to the Unpaid Dividend Account it shall pay, from the date of such default an interest ________________________
Mr. A has 10 shares in ABC Pvt. ltd., an OPC, the share certificate shall carry signature of:
Role of Company Secretary
Mr A, in a local press makes and announcement to communicate to his clients that he shall not be available in the city from 10th of May to 10th of June. Which of the contention in this context is correct
The auditor who has completed his term under Section 139(2) of the Act shall not be eligible for re-appointed in the same company:
All India Sangh registered under Trade Union Act, has applied for 500 shares of Rs. 200 each in PPP Ltd. Which of the contentions is correct in this respect?
Section 149(7) of the Act, prescribes that every independent director shall give declaration that he meets the criteria of independence when:
Where a company is not required to appoint an independent director under sub-section (4) of the section 149, it shall have its CSR Committee with:
If the number of Directors is reduced below the quorum fixed by the Act for a Meeting of the Board, the continuing Directors
XYZ ltd., a listed company is a newly incorporated company, for a period of 7 years from the date of its incorporation, the company has inadequate profit, advise on the remuneration payable to the managerial personnel
Mr. A. PCS is bedridden and has consented to allow Mr. B, (who is professional passed of CS course) to practice in his name. Which of the contention in this context is correct:
The SSB does not comprises of representatives from:-
Identify the true statement
Section 188 of the Act may be applicable in case of transaction between:
W.r.t appointment of Independent director, he must not have any material or pecuniary relationship during the____________________
__________________ Company is required to place its financial statements on its website:

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