CS Executive Pre Exam Test PDF of JIGL-PART-10

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Section 115 of CPC provides for
Appointment Committee of Central Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) comprises of:
Fundamental Rights:
The request for the correction or interpretation of the award by the arbitral Tribunal has to be made by the party:
Which one of the following statements is false?
Which one of the following statements is false?
‘Positive law’ is called positive because it is:
The _______ School of jurisprudence asserts that the law is a means of achieving and advancing certain sociological goals.
How many exceptions are to the offence of Defamation?
According to the Information Technology Act, 2000, which of the following is true:
Section 5 of Limitation Act applies to
Section 6 of the Indian Stamps Act provides that where an instrument comes under several descriptions in Schedule-I to the Act then, in such a circumstance,
Facts which are necessary to explain or introduce relevant facts of place, name, date, relationship & identity of parties are relevant
Which of the following statement is false?
What is true about Code of Criminal Procedure?
Who among the following classified international law under positive morality along with the Law of honour and the law of fashion?
True or False: I. Tribunals have been established under different Statutes to overcome the situation that arose due to the pendency of cases in various Courts. II. In case certain powers under Civil Procedure Code or Criminal Procedure Code have been conferred upon a Tribunal authority, but it has not been entrusted with the judicial powers of the State, it can be held to be a ‘Court.’
The legislature is unable to come up with required quality and quantity of legislation because of: I. Limitation of time; II. Technical nature of legislation; Ill. Rigidity of statutory enactments.
Which of the following is incorrect?
A statute may be interpreted by judges by using different rules. Which of the following is not a rule of interpretation?

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