CS Executive Pre Exam Test Questions of Company Law – Part 2


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A group of 45 IIT friends formed an association to share ideas/intellectuals and work on projects for smart cities. Six more friends are about to join the association. Which of the following contention is correct:
The company wishes to appoint the chairperson of the company as the CEO. Which of the contention is correct in this regard
A listed entity shall submit the annual report to the stock exchange
In case of compensation for loss of office,managing or whole-time director or manager shall not exceed
ABC ltd. can contribute amount towards National Defence Fund
The main functions of SSB are:
Mr. Amar a fresh Company secretary in practice has sent his profile to all the members through bulk mail. Which of the contention in this regard is correct
In a meeting as per Section 173(2) of the Companies Act 2013 matters restricted to be dealt with in a board meeting through video conferencing
As per the Companies Act, 2013, bonus issue can be made to equity shareholders as well as preference shareholders
The ______________________ shall get the validity of the demand for poll verified
A whole time key managerial personnel shall not hold office in:
According to Clause 2 of Part IV of the First Schedule provides that a member of the Institute whether in practice or not shall be deemed to be guilty of other misconduct, if in the opinion of the Council, he brings disrepute to the profession or the institute as a result of his action whether or not related to his professional work, which amongst the given below is violation
Quantum required for Debenture Redemption Reserve (DRR) for NBFCs registered with the RBI of privately placed debentures:
For the board of directors to change the no. of directors, under Association Model Business Corporations Act (MBCA) of US, a prior approval from shareholders is required if
Register of members is maintained at:
Mr. B while issuing the bills to his clients also shares a leaflet stating that they specialise in incorporating companies in two days. Which of the contention in this context is correct
Which of the following is correct?
Every Company is required to keep one or more registers in Form e for
RBC Ltd. is a foreign company, the CSR committee shall be constituted with the following
Which amongst the following do not constitute of CSR activities

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