CS Executive Pre Exam Test Questions with Answers of Company Law – Part 3

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Mr. Bajaj ¡s convicted for an offence dealing with related party transactions under section 188 two years back, what will the consequence of the same?
In case of satisfaction of charge, the company shall give intimation to the Registrar of the payment or satisfaction in full of any charge within a period of ____ days from the date of such payment or satisfaction
A copy of the duly adopted financial statements at the AGM of the Company, shall be filed with the Registrar of Companies
Where some amount relating to declared dividend remains unpaid it shall be transferred to special account named as Unpaid dividend account within days from the date of expiry of thirty days from declaration of dividend
Which of the following is incorrect statement
Amongst mentioned which is not a function of CSR Committee:
The Annual return in relation to One Person Company and small company shall be signed by whom when there is no company Secretary:
Omnibus approval by Audit Committee shall be valid tor a period not exceeding:
The facility for remote e-voting shall remain open for _________and shall close at 5.00 p.m. on the date preceding the date of the general meeting.
The gap between two annual general meetings shall not exceed
Benefits of Multi-Disciplinary Firm are
For Singapore Companies Act, where a company has shares of only one class, the aggregate number of shares held as treasury shall not exceed
Listed companies are required to have Archival Policy according to which
Regulatory authority for Registered Valuer is;
Every company other than a banking company which accepts any deposits shall maintain data of each depositor
Secretarial Standard does not apply to
Which of the following categories is not mandated to file financial statement in XBRL mode:
Every Independent Director shall give a declaration that he meets the criteria of independence, which is to be given by him, which of the contention in this regard is correct
ABC Ltd. wishes to issue equity shares with differential rights, as a company secretary of the company you are advised to guide the Board on maximum percent, the company can issue such shares?
ABC Ltd. received Rs. 5 Cr. by the way of Commercial Paper, which of the contention is correct?

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