CS Executive Pre Exam Test Series of Company Law – Part 7

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ABC Ltd. wishes to contribute to a charitable funds, which of the contention is correct in this regard

Any company which is engaged in the manufacture of goods or carrier on trading purpose accepts deposit of money from public for purpose of financing its business in an exception to;

Board of directors can approve buy-back up to ____________ of the company by means of a resolution passed at the meeting.

Mr A, in a local press makes and announcement to communicate to his clients that he shall not be available in the city from 10th of May to 10thof June. Which of the Contention in this Context is Correct

Business Responsibility Report is to be submitted by Top 500 listed companies based on

The SSB comprises of representatives from major industry associations namely:

Which of the following categories is not mandated to file financial statement in XBRL mode:

The listed company has inadequate profits for the year, for managerial remuneration and abidance of schedule V matter was placed before shareholders and was passed as special resolution. The effective capital of the company is less than 5 crores, what would be the remuneration payable?

For Singapore Companies Act where a company has shares of only one class, the aggregate number of shares held as treasury shall not exceed,

The exposure draft of proposed Secretarial standard will not be circulated to;

Which of the following companies are required to constitute Nomination and Remuneration

Return of appointment of Managing Director, Whole Time Director ånd manager is filed in;

A Director shall be treated as interested in a Contract or arrangement entered into or proposed to be entered into by the company

In case of winding up/liquidation of the company----------will be placed in the highest ranking class of creditor

quid pro quo’ means

In a company ¡f the vacancy of the retiring director is not filled-up in general meeting and the meeting has not expressly resolved not to fill the vacancy, what are the consequence?

Amongst mentioned which is not a function of CSR Committee

For the purposes of Section 186(1), the word “person” does not include any individual who is of the company.

If the chairperson of a listed company is not a non-executive director, which of the statement is true;

Company has 9 directors on its board out of which 7 are present at the meeting and 5 are interested then what is the quorum in this case:-

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