CS Executive Pre Exam Test Series of JIGL Part -7

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The importance of ’custom’ over other 1 was stressed by the jurists of the:

A suit for damages for breach of contract can be filed, at a place

Confession of an accused is admissible against the other co-accused

True or False: I. Tribunals can decide those disputes which are basically criminal in nature. II. Where the case involves substantial question of law, it can be decided by tribunals

Which of the following are presumptions to aid interpretation if the intention of the legislature is not clear: I. That the words in a statute are used precisely and not loosely. II. That vested rights, i.e., rights which a person possessed at the time the statute was passed, are not taken away I without express words, or necessary implication or without compensation. III. That “mensrea”, i.e., guilty mind is required for a criminal act.

Right to appeal is

Which is an essential element of criminal breach of trust?

Judicial Review function of the Supreme Court means the power to:

When the court has to ascertain the relationship between one person and another, the opinion of any person having special means of knowledge, as expressed by conduct is admissible

Which one of the following statements is true under the separation of powers?

True or False:1. National Company Law Tribunal can compound certain offences in certain cases before or after the institution of any prosecution. 2. Offences punishable with fine only, either before or after the institution of any prosecution, can be compounded by National Company Law Tribunal.

Procedure for summary trial is provided in which section of Cr. P.C.?

Consider the following statements: 1. Precedents are created by the judges; 2. A foreign precedent is not considered as a good law if it is inconsistent with the legal principles prevalent in a state; 3. Precedents can sometimes be created by legislation. Of these above statements, which option is correct?

Which of the following is false so far as the rule of literal interpretation is concerned:

Which is the Act which provides legal framework for e-Governance in India?

Which of the following is correct regarding the Indian Constitution?

Under section 10 of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, the parties are free to determine the number of arbitrators, provided that such number

Which section of Cr. P.C. provides that a person once convicted or acquitted cannot be tried again for same offence?

As per the Registration Act 1908, a document registration of which has been refused by the Sub-registrar of a sub-district:

An arbitraI award

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