CS Executive Setting Up Of Business Entity Pre Exam – Part-1

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Which out of the following states has not initiated with start-up policy?

The form prescribed for issuance by the Registrar of Companies certifying the dormant status of a Company is:

Under the Companies Act, 2013, Articles of Association of a Company are required to be:

One of the major objective of Public Liability Insurance Act, 1991 is

One of the major objective of Public Liability Insurance Act, 1991 is

Regional Director can Suo-moto change the status of the company from Active to dormant company

Under the Environment Protection Act in case of any non-compliance or contravention of the Act, or of the rules or directions under the Act, the violator is liable to be punishable with

As per Copyright Act, 1957, Copyright in a work is considered as infringed only if __________is made use of unauthorized

In which of the following business set-ups in India, foreign ownership/stake is permitted?

The principle of Natural justice means

Shareholding pattern of the company is required to be given in –

The new form prescribed for application for grant of PAN for a Foreign Citizen is

Application for conversion of a Private Company into a OPC to be filed in e-Form INC.6 shall not have the following attachment -

What is the maximum fine that can be imposed on a company for not maintaining statutory registers

In an equity based joint venture which of the following entities can be formed:

A ‘Financial Creditor’ under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code includes:

The National Green Tribunal is bound by the provisions of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872. This statement is

In case of a Public Limited Company what is the minimum strength of directors required who are to be the Independent Directors

The Register of Shares/Other Securities Bought Back by a company is to be drawn up in the form________.

What is the maximum rate of interest, above the highest rate of interest offered by it on deposits, at which a Nidhi Company can give loans:

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