CS Executive Tax Law Pre Exams Question Answers

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The IGST Liability is extinguished first by utilising the Input Tax Credit standing under _________, then under _____________________before the balance is paid in cash
The headquarters of the GST Council is in?
Buy Back Tax (BBT) was introduced with an intent to ______________ companies who were evading taxes on distribution of dividend using buy back as a mode of wealth distribution.
______________is the GST Day.
The IGM is filed by _______________ .
Section 10(2A), states that the share of profit received by a partner from a firm is exempt from tax in the hands of the partner. This is because?
Rent received by a tenant from a sub-tenant for a land that is used for agricultural purposes will be classified as Agricultural Income and hence not included in the Gross Total Income of the assessee, as what is important is it’s use for agricultural purposes and not the ownership of the land?
A person who has availed services under an invoice dated 31st July 2017 and the annual return for the same is filed on 17th Aug 2018. Input Tax Credit can be claimed within?
Income earned by a LLP is taxable at the rate of:
Section 80RRB provides deduction to the resident individual with respect to royalty received on:
Which incomes of minor are taxable in the hands of minor himself
GSTN caters to the needs
Taxability in case of Sweat Equity arises on?
Which section of CGST Act 2017 deals with the determination of time of supply when there is a change in the rate of tax in respect of goods or services or a both?
Mr. A, a registered person in Delhi supplies 10,000 chairs at the rate of Rs 500 each to Mr. Y, a registered person in Mumbai. In this transaction, which of the following tax will be charged by Mr. A?

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