CS Executive Tax Law Pre Exams Question Answers – Set 2

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A tax invoice must be issued

Section 10(34) exempts dividend as defined in Section 115-0 from tax in the hands of recipients thereof. However, Section 115-O, the main operative provision in the Chapter XII-D, calls upon a company declaring/distributing dividend to pay _____________ plus surcharge plus Education & Secondary and Higher Education Cess by way of Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT) on distributed profits in addition to what it is liable by way of tax on its income in the normal course.

CBDT comprises of how many members:

Which place will be considered as Place of Supply if goods are supplied on board of aircraft?

The CGST Liability is extinguished first by utilising the Input Tax Credit standing under ___________, then under ___________ before the balance is paid in cash

Salary, Bonus etc. under section 40(b) is allowed to:

RYA Ltd., has taken a house on rent @ Rs.15,000 p.m., from Mr. G an individual. RYA Ltd., should deduct tax on account of such rent paid/credited amounting to:

Calculate Advance Tax Payable by Ms. Katrina from the following estimated incomes for the previous year 2017-18: - Business Income: Rs. 4,50,000; - Rent from house property: Rs. 36,000 per month; - Municipal taxes: Rs. 32,000; - Winning from games: Rs. 70,000 (net of TDS); - Life insurance premium paid for herself (where policy sum assured is Rs. 4,00,000): Rs. 30,000;

The flat amount of deduction under section 80U is –

According to Hindu law, a Joint Hindu family may consist of

With effect from 9.9.2005 due to amendment of Hindu Succession Act, the daughter of a coparcener shall by birth become a coparcener. Hence,

The Commissioner shall not revise the order under section 264:

The rates of Customs Duty for imports, alongside the classification are laid down in the schedule.

X Ltd. has its Head Office (HO) at Mumbat and branches across India. The HO collects the Input Tax Credit on all purchases made and distributes it to all the recipients (branches) under different heads, like CGST, SGST, UTGST, IGST etc. The HO exhibits a type of entity in the example?

Composition Levy tax payers have to file a quarterly return, by?

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