CSEET Business Communication – Comprehension of Passage 1

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Read the passage given below and attempt the questions that follow:

Have you ever failed at something so miserably that the thought of attempting to do it again was the last thing on your mind?

If your answer is yes, then you should understand that you are not a robot. Unlike robots, we human beings have feelings, emotions, and dreams. We are all meant to grow despite our circumstances and limitations. Flourishing and trying to make our dreams come true feels great when life goes our way. But what happens when it does not? What happens when you fail despite all your hard work? Do you stay down and accept defeat or do you get up again? If you tend to persevere and keep going, you have what experts call ‘grit’.

Falling down or failing is one of the most agonising, embarrassing, and scary human experiences. But it is also one of the most educational, empowering, and essential parts of living a successful and fulfilling life. Did you know that perseverance (grit) is one of the seven qualities that has been described as the key to personal success and betterment in society? The other six are curiosity, gratitude, optimism, self-control, social intelligence, and zest. Thomas Edison is an example of grit for trying more than 1,000 times to invent the light bulb. If you are reading this with the lights on in your room, you will realise the importance of his success. When asked why he kept going despite hundreds of failures, he merely stated that they had not been failures, they were hundreds of attempts towards creating the light bulb. This statement not only revealed his grit but also his optimism for looking at the bright side.

Grit can be learnt to help you become more successful. One of the techniques that help is mindfulness. Mindfulness is a practice that makes an individual stay at the moment by bringing awareness of his or her experience without judgement. This practice has been used to quieten the noise of fears and doubts. Through this simple practice of mindfulness, individuals have the ability to stop the self-sabotaging downward spiral of hopelessness, despair, and frustration.

What did you do to overcome the negative and self-sabotaging feelings of failure? Reflect on what you did, and try to use those same powerful resources to help you today.

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The reason why you are not a robot is that:

What is the tone of the following context: “Falling down or failing is one of the most… educational, empowering, and essential parts of living a successful and fulfilling life.”

Which of the following is relevant for the title of the passage.

……………… was created after many attempts.

Which of the following sentences makes the correct use of “grit”, as used in the passage?

To develop perseverance one must:

How does mindfulness help?

What do you understand from this line, “Falling down or failing is one of the most agonising, embarrassing, and scary human experiences.”?

Choose the option that correctly states the meaning of ‘social intelligence’ as implied in the passage

The importance of perseverance and optimism for a successful and fulfilling life is explained using the example of?

What is the message conveyed in the last paragraph of the passage?

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