CSEET Business Communication MCQs – Chapter 7 – E-correspondance

CSEET Business Communication MCQs-Chapter 7 - E-correspondance Part 1

CSEET Business Communication MCQs
CSEET Business Communication MCQs

These CSEET Business Communication MCQs are based on reference material of Business Communication issued by ICSI. To practice more CSEET questions with answers, visit here https://deepgyan.com/cseet-mock-test-cseet-mcq-pdf-multiple-choice-questions/.

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“The letter written by one party to another, and the answers there to, make what is called the correspondence of parties such correspondence if done through electronic signal via internal is called _____”
Full form of HTTP –
_______ is a networking infrastructure.
What is the other name of e-correspondence?
Full form of URL is
First e-mail system was known as
When was FTP (file transfer protocol) put in use?
Which protocol is used to receive mail?
Which of the following is not the feature of E-mail?
Which is not an E-mail etiquette?
Which protocol is used by Web?
Unsolicited or junk mails are filtered through the option of
WWW stands for
Who is called as the “father of E-mail”?
This began as an American experiment in computer communication technology during the cold war and has revolutionized the world.
_______ allows a central communication area for the entire company.
_______ is used in place for paper to communicate
Full form of IMAP
Full form of POP
Which year was water shed year in e-mail marketing

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