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CSEET Chapter Wise MCQ – Contract Act MCQs Part 7

CSEET Chapter Wise MCQ - Contract Act MCQs Part 7

CSEET Mock Test
CSEET Mock Test

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A mistake as to law not in force in India has the effect as-
In case of innocent misrepresentation –
Consent is not said to be free when it is cause by-
When the consent of a part is obtained by fraud, the contract is-
Moral purpose is involved in case of
Which of the following statement is true?
An agreement is void if it is opposed to public policy. Which of the following is not covered under heads of public policy?
Wagering means –
An agreement in restraint of marriage, i.e. agreement preventing a person from marrying is-
An agreement in restraint of marriage is valid in case of following persons –
In India, wagering agreements are void except in –
If any party has received any benefit under a contract from the other party, he must restore it or make compensation to other party. It is the case if –
The basis of quasi contractual relation is the
A contingent contract is-
A contract is said to be discharged or terminated –
Which is not the mode of discharge of contract
A person finds certain goods belonging to some other persons. In such a case, the finder –
If in a contract, the time lapses and if the party fails to perform the contract within specified time the contract becomes –
Change in one or more of the important terms in contract, it is the case of-

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