CSEET Business Communication Test papers-Concept of Business Communication-Chapter-4-Part-5

CSEET Business Communication Test papers-Concept of Business Communication-Chapter-4-Part-5

CSEET Business Communication MCQs
CSEET Business Communication Test Papers

These CSEET Business Communication Test Papers are based on reference material of Business Communication issued by ICSI. To practice more CSEET questions with answers, visit here https://deepgyan.com/cseet-mock-test-cseet-mcq-pdf-multiple-choice-questions/.

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The Communication within the organisation is known as________.

When words are used in communication, either spoken or written, this kind of communication is known as:

Non-verbal communication does not includes:

The channel of communication which is mostly associated with gossip and rumours, is called:

____________ to communication may occur if the transmitter and receiver assign different meanings to the same word or use different words for the same meaning.

Telephone/Cellular phone, Messages, Intercom, Face-to-face discussion, Meetings/ Conferences, Presentation, Dictaphone/Dictation, Conversation, Radio, Teleconferencing, Speeches, Brainstorming Sessions, Grapevine, Interview etc. are mediums of which Communication?

Neon Hoardings are example of________ communication.

_____ network is suitable for group communication or where teamwork is involved.

In ____network subordinates receives commands from one superior.

______ network of communication follows the organisational hierarchy and chain of command.

How many types of Communication networks are there?

How many C's principles are there for Effective Communication?

Which of the following is not the medium of Digital Communication?

In Johri's Window, Unknown is the pane where information is:-

I Know my name, and so do you. As per Johri's window it is the example of ______quadrant.

_________is the example of Grapevine.

Minutes of Meetings is mode of _________ communication.

_____flow of communication takes place between people of the same level /status of hierachy in the organisation.

Brainstroming Sessions include ________session.

I have not told you, what one of my favourite ice-cream flavours are:- This information is in my _______quadrant.

Effective messages are invaribly:-

_____messages which by nature are brief, often use repetition to good affect.

We could be eating at a restaurant, and i may have unknowingly gotten some food on my face. This information is in my_______quadrant.

How many windows are there in Johri's window.

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