CSEET Exams Preparation -MCQs of Demand and Supply – Part-5

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In case of luxury goods, the income elasticity of demand will be:

In case of Straight line demand curve meeting two axis, the price elasticity of demand at the point where the curve meets y-axis would be-

In expansion and contraction of demand:

Certain goods for which Quantity demanded decreases when Income Increases are called:

Cross elasticity of complementary goods is:

Normal goods have

In which of the following cases the demand for goods tends to be less elastic?

Which of the following elasticity of demand measures a movement along the demand curve rather than a shift in the curve?

When the total expenditure incurred by the consumers on a commodity due to a change is its price remains the same, then the elasticity of demand for that commodity will be:

The supply of a good refers to:

Increases or Decrease in Supply means:

If the supply curve is perfectly Inelastic ,the supply curve is:

When supply price increase in the short run , the profit of the producer :

A perfectly inelastic supply curve will be :

When Supply Curve shifts to the right there is _____________in Supply.

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