CSEET Free Test Series – Legal Aptitude – Constitution of India

CSEET Free Test Series – Legal Aptitude – Constitution of India-3

CSEET Test Series Free
CSEET Test Series Free

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Fundamental rights are envisaged in _____________ of the Constitution.

Indian Constitution guarantees ___________ categories of fundamental rights.

Right to Equality are covered under

Right to Freedom are covered under

Right to Freedom of Religion are covered under

Right against Exploitation are covered under

Cultural and Educational Rights are covered under

Right to Constitutional Remedies are covered under

Right to property under Article 31 was removed by the

In ____, the Supreme Court has enunciated the test for determining whether an entity is an instrumentality or agency of the State.

________________ lays down that no citizen shall be subjected to any disability, restriction or condition with regard to Access to shops, public restaurants, hotels and places of public entertainment

Under _______________ the State can make special provision for women and children.

Provisions related to Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment are covered under

Under Constitution of India, Abolition of untouchability is covered under

As per ____________ of Constitution of India, no citizen of India shall accept any title from any foreign State.

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