CSEET Listening Skills Mcqs Part-1

Welcome to your CSEET Listening Skills Mcqs Part-1

Listening is the _______ part of Communication.

Hearing is a_______ process.

______ listening where difference between difference sound is identified.

_______ listening is also known as Content listening, Informative listening and full listening.

______ listening to evaluate and judge forming opinion what is being said.

______ listening when the person hears only what they want to hear.

Evaluative Listening is also called___________-.

Evaluative listening is successful when we:

Which is NOT one of the types of listening mentioned in the text?

As a sympathetic listener, you should consider the message from the point of view of:

Good listeners concentrate on:

Listening and hearing refer to:

Listening, to a large extent, depends on a person’s:

Which of the following is the best definition of empathy?

Listening, like speaking, reading, and writing, is:

A serious listener concentrates on:

Which of these is not a barrier to listening?

A good speaker should use ______ to their advantage to keep an audience attentive.

In listening, which behaviour disrupt the listening process?

There is no difference between hearing and listening.

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