CSEET MCQs – Logical Reasoning- Clock – Part 1 (15 Questions)

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In the 18th Century, _________ argued that logic should be conceived as the science of judgment, so that the valid inferences of logic follow from the structural features of judgments.

_________defined logic as "new and necessary reasoning".

_________in her writings on ‘Reasoning: Meaning, Definition and Types’, stated that reasoning is one of the best forms of controlled thinking consciously towards the solution of a problem.

__________defined, “reasoning is a process of thinking during which the individual is aware of a problem identifies, evaluates, and decides upon a solution”.

Which of the following statements is true?

According to ___________ “Reasoning is a stepwise thinking with a purpose or goal in mind”.

According to ___________, “Reasoning is the term applied to highly purposeful, controlled and selective thinking”.

According to ___________ , “Reasoning is the word used to describe the mental recognition of cause and effect relationships, it may be the prediction of an event from an observed cause or the inference of a cause from an observed event”.

Logical systems should have:

Consistency means

Completeness means

Soundness means

________minute space traverses an angle of 6 degree.

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