CSEET Mcqs On Demand and Supply part-4

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What is income elasticity of demand , when income changes by 20% and demand changes by 40%:
Law of demand is a:
The demand of which type of goods do not decrease with increase in its price :
Increase in Price rs 4 to rs6 leads to decrease in demand from 15 units to 10 units. What is the price elasticity.nits to 10 units. What is the price?
Expansion and contraction of Demand and curve occcurs due to:
Elasticity between two points:
Demand of a commodity depends upon:
In case of substitute goods , cross elasticity is:
The quantity demanded does not respond to price change and so the elasticity is:
If demand is parallel to X axis , what will be the nature of elasticity?
Cross elasticity of perfect substitute is:
A consumer spends Rs 80 on purchasing a commodity when its price is Rs 1 per unit and spends Rs 96 when the price is Rs 2 per unit .calculate the price elasticity of demand.
If the price is decreased from Rs. 10 to Rs.8, but the quantity demanded remains the same price elasticity is
Demand for electricity power is elastic because:
If income of a person increases by 10% and his demand for goods increaseds by 30%, income elasticity will be:

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