CSEET MCQs with Answers – Legal Aptitude – Company Law

Welcome to your CSEET MCQs with Answers - Legal Aptitude - Company Law - Part 1

CSEET Legal Aptitude MCQs
CSEET Legal Aptitude MCQs

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Which of the following statements is not true?

Which of the following is not the characteristics of a public company?

A and B were the only members of a company who died in a road accident. In this case, the company comes to end on the death of A and B.

A company being a legal person is also a citizen under the Constitution of India

A statutory company or corporation is one which is incorporated

In case of a company limited by guarantee, the liability of the members can be enforced

A Government Company is one is which 51% or more of the paid up share capital is held by-

On 14th July, the Registrar of Companies issued a Certificate of Incorporation, but it was dated 10th July instead of 14th July. From which date the company will legally come into existence?

A company formed for the promotion of commerce, art, science, religion, charity etc. may not use the word ‘limited’ at the end of its name, even if it is a limited company

The Registered office clause of Memorandum of Association contains –

Which of the following statements is correct?

Company’s ‘memorandum’ and ‘articles’ are public documents.

In case ‘memorandum’ and ‘articles’ are inconsistent, then which shall prevail over the others?

Company has _____________ succession

If company do not follow the principle of separate legal entity ___________ can be done.

Any Corporate Body/Association of Firm can be appointed as director of the company. This statements is-

How many members should sign the MOA in case of public company?

_____________ conceives the idea of the business.

Shares of ______________ company are freely transferable.

In case of private companies, maximum number of members can be:

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