CSEET Mock Test Online Free – Verbal Reasoning – Part 1

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Mumbai: Maharashtra:: Ahmedabad:

Doctor: Nurse::Follower:

Clock: Time : Thermometer: ?

Sound: Muffled::

Knowledge: Ignorance: :

Arrange the following words in the logical order: 1.Elbow 2.Wrist 3.Shoulder 4. Palm 5. Finger

The mobile manufacturing companies have increased the the prices of smartphones. The government has recently increased the duty on the smartphones.

Choose the some relationship of the given words: Bald Eagle: America:: Wolf : ?

Appointment: Ability

Pulp: Paper

Liquor : Drink

Completing the given series: Which number would replace the question mark in the series 7,12,19,?, 39

What will be the next term in BDF, CFI, DHL,?

aab__aaa___bba__ ?


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