CSEET Sample Papers – Logical Reasoning MCQs on Calendar (Part 1)

Clock MCQs || CSEET Logical Reasoning MCQs || Calendar Multiple Choice Questions

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The earth travels round the sun is a _____ year.
How much time will be taken by earth to travels round the Sun?
The difference between a common year and a solar year is _____ of a day.
The omission of the extra day three times in 400 years is called the __________.
The difference between a common year and a solar year is 0.2422 of a day consider it by adding a whole day to every ______ year.
Every 4th year has _____ days.
The years which have the extra day are called ____ years.
The difference between 4 common years and 4 solar years is _______ of a day.
Gregorian correction was adopted at once in 1582 in Roman Catholic Countries. But not in England until_____
The Gregorian mode of reckoning dates is called the ______Style.
As per Calendar Russia is ______ days behind the world.
In Russia Christmas is celebrated on_______.
An ordinary year contains ___ odd day/s.
A leap year contains _____ odd day/s
Every hundred year contains _______ odd day/s.

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