CSEET Test Series Free – Legal Aptitude – Constitution of India

CSEET Test Series Free - Legal Aptitude - Constitution of India Part 1

CSEET Test Series Free
CSEET Test Series Free

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The term 'state' is defined under

The term “State” as defined under COI includes

The term 'law' is defined under

Article 14 of the Constitution deals with

Every person, whatever be his rank or position is subject to the jurisdiction of the ordinary courts. This is known as

Equal protection shall be secured to all persons within the territorial jurisdiction of the Union in the enjoyment of their rights and privileges without favouritism or discrimination. This is known as

The expression “the equal protection of the laws” is based on

Article 14 applies to

Article 14 applies to

The Constitution of India came into force on _________.

The word _____________added by the 42nd Amendment, aims to secure to its people “justice—social, economic and political”.

The ________________ of State Policy, contained in __________ of the Constitution are designed for the achievement of the socialistic goal envisaged in the preamble.

The expression ____________signifies that our government is of the people, by the people and for the people.

The structure of Constitution of India is

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