CSEET Test Series – Legal Aptitude – Tort 2

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Which of the following is battery?

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_____________ is an attack on the reputation of a person.

A statement of temporary nature such as spoken words, or gesture with the intent to attack on the reputation of a person is

Which statement is most appropriate?

Which of the following judicial remedies are available to the plaintiff in an action for tort namely:

Which of the following are Extra Judicial Remedies in case of tort?

Tort is

Who has given this statement: “Tortious liability arises from the breach of duty, primarily fixed by law; this duty is towards persons generally and its breach is redressable by an action for unliquidated damages”.

Which statement is correct?

To constitute a tort, there must be:

Which of the statements is not correct?

Which of the statements is correct?

When there is an invasion of an “absolute” private right of an individual, there is an injuria and the plaintiff’s action will succeed even if there is no Damnum or damages.

To surround someone with a display of force is

Causing physical harm to someone is

In some torts, the defendant is liable even though the harm to the plaintiff occurred without intention or negligence on the defendant’s part. Such kind of Tortious Liability is known as:

Conditions which are necessary in order to apply the rule in Ryland v. Fletcher are pronounced in:

Which of the following is not the exceptions to the Rule of Strict Liability?

Vicarious Liability is

He who acts through another is acting himself. This maxim is

A employed B to fit casement windows into certain premises. B’s servant negligently put a tool on the still of the window on which he was working at the time. The wind blew the casement open and the tool was knocked off the still on to a passer-by. Choose the most appropriate answer.

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