JIGL CS Executive Pre Exam Test Questions Answers- Part 1

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Can a person commit a breach of trust for his own property?

What is true about, Court of Session?

Who among the following divided the 1 into formal sources and material sources?

VIIth Schedule to the Constitution deals with:

Under section 25 of the Limitation Act, 1963, the easement rights are acquired by continuous & uninterrupted user

The employer is liable for a tort committed by an independent contractor in the course of his employment in which of the following cases: I. When employer authorizes him to commit a tort, II. In torts of strict liability. III. Negligence of independent contractor

‘A’ cheats by pretending to be ‘B’, a person who is deceased ‘A’ is liable to be punished under—

The enforcement of a foreign award may be refused if:

As per the Information Technology Act, 2000, the Adjudicating Officer while adjudicating the quantum of compensation doesn’t consider to which of the following factor:

Section 16 of the Limitation Act, l963 applies to - :

Basis of distribution of the jurisdiction of Indian Courts is

Constructive res-judicata is contained in

Under section 32 of the Registration Act, 1908, a document for registration can be presented

Under which of the following sections of the Code of Criminal Procedure, police can arrest an accused without warrant?

Under section 48 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, ‘contrary to public policy of India’ connotes:

True or False: 1. No prosecution in respect of any offence punishable under the Indian Stamps Act can be instituted without the sanction of the Collector or such other officer as the State Government generally or the Collector specially, authorises in that behalf. 2. The Chief Controlling Revenue Authority, or any officer generally or specially authorised by it in this behalf, may stay any such prosecution or compound any such offence.

‘The Object of all the interpretations is to know the intention of the Parliament and this intention should be discovered from the language used. This statement is related to--?

Which of the following is incorrect:

Which one of the following is a true statement of the rules of natural justice?

The RTI Act gives right to seek information from which of the following

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