Pre Exam MCQs of ICSI CS Executive JIGL-PART-14

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Which of the following is correct regarding the Limitation Act, 1963

A person who was not incumbent of a office, pretended for a brief time that he holds the office and obtained gratification. Which one of the following offences has been committed by him?

Which of the following is incorrect:

Crime is:

A Statute which remove doubts either in the common law or in the statutory law but it does not create any new rights is called?

Which of the following Articles of the Indian Constitution contain thing to religious freedom?

Which of the following is incorrect:

Reference means

The arbitral tribunal may by order terminate the arbitral proceedings when:

If information sought has been supplied by third party or is treated as confidential by that third party and the Central Public Information Officer? State Public Information Officer intends to disclose It, the third party must be given an opportunity to make representation against the notice, regarding above mentioned disclosure within:

The Chief Judicial Magistrate may pass a:

Which of the following is/are true so far as the tortuous liability in India is concerned? I. Whosoever by his act or omission causes environmental pollution shall be held liable for any loss caused by such pollution. II. It shall be a valid defence in environmental pollution cases that all due diligence or reasonable care was taken while carrying out the act or omission in question.

True or False:1. Courts have invariably upheld the principle of substance of the transaction, over the form, in the matter of deciding the nature of the instrument. 2. The substance of the transaction contained in the document may not necessarily embody the description given at the head thereof:

The rule is that where once time of limitation has begun to run, no subsequent disability can stop it. The exception is —

Under section 11 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, the arbitrator has to be appointed

Judiciary while reviewing the exercise of discretion by administrative authorities focuses on: I. Non- application of mind by the administrative authorities; II. Abuse of discretion by administrative authorities

A suit against the obstruction in the enjoyment of easementary rights acquired under section 25 of the Limitation Act, 1963, must be filed

As per the Registration Act, 1908, a document can be presented for registration beyond the period of 4 months of its execution

The party applying for the enforcement of a foreign award shall, produce before the court

Which of the following is not a decree

Contents of a document may be proved under section 61 of Evidence Act

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