Pre Exam MCQs of ICSI CS Executive SBEC-PART-16

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COC for the purpose of Corporate Resolution stands for -

This style of business does not lend itself to Transferability of ownership -

Which of the statements is false-

The new form prescribed for application for Issuance of a new TAN is

Which of the statement is not correct -

Under the Industrial Dispute Act, the Public Utility Service does not include

Maintaining the statutory registers to state the accurate income of a company is important

Under section 12 of the Companies Act, 2013, after the incorporation of a company, what is the time limit provided within which the company is required to furnish to the Registrar of companies the details of its registered office under e-Form INC-22 wherein all communications and notices can be sent to it:

The concept of ‘Free Transferability of Shares’ is applicable to:

Upon deciding the application for initiation of corporate insolvency resolution process the adjudicating authority is required to communicate the order to the financial creditors and the corporate debtor within:

In which year was The Rio Conference held which inspired the establishment of the National Green Tribunal

Which of the following forms is required to be submitted with the Registrar of LLP for the purposes of getting incorporated any alteration in the LLP Agreement:

A public company can convert itself into a private company only after approval of -

In the state of J & K and the North-Eastern States, the threshold limit of total turnover in any financial year beyond which there is a mandatory requirement of registration under GST is

Which of the following NBFCs is exempted from the requirement of registration with RBI

Which of the following form is prescribed for obtaining a Director Identification Number (DIN)

Risk of Implied Authority is one of the feature of -

COC for the purpose of Corporate Resolution stands for -

E-form INC 32 (SPICE) along with URC-1 as linked form require the following attachments –

The Register of Sweat Equity Shares of a company is to be drawn up in the form________.

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