Pre Exam Test for CS Executive Company Law – Part 10

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Which of the following is not considered as disqualification of debenture trustee under section 71(5)

The person in whose place the Alternate director is appointed should be absent for a period;

The effect of registration of the scheme shall be deemed to have the effect of ------------------ of transferor company without the process of__________ under section 233(8) sub section (3) or (7);

In case of compensation for loss of office, managing or whole-time director or manager shall not exceed

As per secretarial standard I which item is not included in Agenda of first board meeting?

One person company shall hold its AGM

ABC Ltd. wishes to contribute to a charitable funds, which of the contention is correct in this regard

The special resolution was placed before shareholder to appoint Mr.age 76 years for managing director, the resolution was not passed, but Gthe votes in favour were less than votes in against. Which of the contention is correct

Shareholders can authorize buy back by special resolution _________________of the company in a financial year.

According to Clause 2 of Part IV of the First Schedule provides that member of the Institute whether in practice or not, shall be deemed to be guilty of other misconduct, if in the opinion of the Council, he brings disrepute to the profession or the institute as a result of his action whether or not related to his professional work. Which amongst the given below is violation

For Singapore Companies Act, where a company has shares of only one class, the aggregate number of shares held as treasury shall not exceed,

Mega firm can be described as a Partnership firm with;

Any sum received by the transferor company under section 235(4) shall be paid into separate bank account and shall be disbursed to entitled shareholders within;

Minimum days for one of the partners of the firm to attend the branch office

ABC Ltd has copyright over the video cassette released containing medley of songs, Mr. A holding 95% of the total shareholding of ABC Ltd. Is earning revenue by selling the video cassette as his copyright. Which of the foIlowing contentions is correct:

As per the Companies Act, 2013, bonus issue can be made to

The council has expressly permitted a PCS to take up following vocations?

Particulars of every share certificate issued shall be recorded in a Register of Renewed and Duplicate Share Certificates. For any share certificate in lieu of which a new certificate ¡s issued, the necessary changes indicated in the Register of Members by suitable cross-reference in the

Which of the following is a CSR activity;

Which of the following is not considered as disqualification of debenture trustee under section 71(5)

In a GM of a company, for a special resolution voting for 50 members was- (a) 5 authorised members voted for one company each in favour(b)10 proxy voted in favour (c) 20 members voted in favour but 5 were invalid (d) rest were against. What is the consequence?

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