Pre Exam Test ICSI – MCQs of Company Law – Part 9

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XYZ company wants to spend Rs. 5,00,000 towards Labour Law and land &Acquisition. Which of the contention is correct

If a Meeting of the Board could not be held for want of Quorum, then unless otherwise provided in the Articles, the Meeting shall automatically stand adjourned

Remuneration payable by companies having no profit or inadequate profit without CG approval, where effective capital is less than 5 crore;

A section 8 company is planning to invest the funds of the company in another company. Which of the contention is correct

A charge can be registered beyond------- days on an application by the company to be registrar but not beyond---------- days, on payment of additional fees.

______________ is the policy to ensure that all information ¡s disclosed to stock exchange, keeping in mind its materiality. This is also to be made available on companies website;

The Board is supposed to fill in the vacancy of a whole time key managerial personnel within

The quorum at the AGM was present at the commencement of the meeting, which contention is correct in this regard:

Which of the following is incorrect statement

For E-form RUN, in case of an existing company, the approved name is valid for a period of;

Section 187 of the Act is not applicable on:

______ can direct the company to change the auditor if it is satisfied that the auditor of a Company has, whether directly or indirectly, acted in a fraudulent manner or abetted or colluded in any fraud by, or in relation to, the company or its directors or officers.

A subsidiary company may hold shares in Holding company under which of the following circumstances: (a) where the subsidiary company holds such shares as the legal representative of a deceased member of the holding company (b) where the subsidiary company holds such shares as a trustee (c) where the subsidiary company is a shareholder even before it became a subsidiary company of the holding company

Dividend should be transferred ________to the scheduled bank account from the declaration of such dividend

A company organises familiarisation programme for independent directors of XYZ Ltd. (a listed entity), which of the contention is correct in this context

Mr. ‘A’ transferred 1000 shares of XYZ Ltd. to M r. ‘B’ on 1st January 2,91 &JXYZ ltd. shall register the transfer only the deeds and the certificate is submitted within days

Which item cannot be passed by way of circulation?

Net profit in the context of CSR, shall not include, sums as may be prescribed;

An application seeking approval to the appointment of a managing director shall be made to Central Government in;

A deposit of--------- shall be accompanied with the complaint raised against any fellow member;

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