Pre Exam Test ICSI – MCQs of JIGL-PART-12

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Chose the incorrect option. The following are the ingredients of the offence of criminal Breach of trust:

A party filing affidavit in reply to interrogatories

The Tribunals (NCLT& NCLAT) have power to punish for contempt:

The _______ School proposes that legal rules are unnecessary and are used as an obstacle by the powerful to maintain the status quo.

What is/are the component/s of Information Technology Act, 2000?

Point out incorrect statement:: First Information Report-

As per the Limitation Act, 1963, an appreciation for special leave to appeal to the Supreme Court can be filed within

A judgment passed by a court can be reviewed

The term ‘cognizable offence’ means an offence for which

Time limit prescribed for the disposal of first appeal under the RTI Act Is:

The conciliation proceedings:

A person is said to make a fake document or fake electronic record, who dishonestly or fraudulently -

Place of suing in respect of suits for compensation for wrongs to persons or moveable property has been dealt with

Chapter Xl of the Information Technology Act, 2000deals with:

A owes B Rs. 1,000/-. A sells a property to B, the consideration being Rs. 400/- and the release of the previous debt of Rs. 1.000/-. Stamp due payable on:

Section 17(2) of the Registration Act, 1908 carves out an exception to

Res—judicata applies

Which of the following is not an internal aid to interpretation?

Which of the following is not required for a valid acknowledgement under the Limitation Act, 1963

Defamation as an offence is defined in —

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