Refund Policy

Deep Gyan Classes provides coaching to the students of Company Secretary Course. 

Coaching is a subjective matter. We try to provide our best but it is impossible to satisfy every student. 

Further, course content of ICSI is dynamic. It is bound to change regularly due to change in various laws and syllabus of ICSI.

Thus at DEEP GYAN we follow NO REFUND policy.  So, before buying our any product, please ensure everything by calling us at 9811196732.

Rights of Deep Gyan Club Members

We often offer Deep Gyan Club Membership with the concept of “Once a student, always a student”. According to club membership, a student is not enrolled to any specific course or for any specific period.

It means if a Club Member is at CSEET Level, he/she can take the coaching of CS Executive without paying anything.

If a Club Member is at CS Executive Module 1 Level, he/she can take the coaching of CS Executive Module 2 without paying anything.

But if we are not providing coaching for any module or subject, he/she can not demand any refund.

Cases where club membership will be lapsed
  1. DG Club Member shall inform us his/her current status as to whether he/she is perusing CS Course or not in every 3 months, otherwise DC Club Membership will lapse. 
  2. DG Club Member shall inform us in every examination attempt whether he/she is giving exams or not. He/ she must provide us the admit card and roll no for our records. Failure to do so will lead to lapse of membership.
  3. Communication between institute and students is very important for creating a strong bond. DG Club Member shall stay in touch with the institute on regular basis. If he/she does not respond to our messages or correspondence for continuously 3 months, membership shall be deemed to be over.
  4. If we do not hear anything from any member for continuous 3 months, it will be deemed that such student has left CS Course. It will lead to closer of membership.